who we are

G.T. Kurdish House of today

As a non-profit organization, GTKH provides impact programs and services to positively impact some of the most crucial social issues, including: restoring the history, culture, tradition, language of the Kurdish community and more

our mission and vision

our mission

* Our mission is to preserve, promote, and celebrate the rich cultural heritage and language of our community by providing educational resources, fostering exclusivity, and creating opportunities for cultural exchange

* Emergency Relief: GTKH can mobilize quickly to provide immediate relief to those affected by the disaster or problem. This may include distributing food, water, clothing, shelter, and medical supplies to those in need

* Fundraising: GTKH launch fundraising campaigns to gather financial resources to support the community. we reach out to donors, corporate sponsors, and the public to collect donations that can be used for immediate relief efforts and long-term recovery

* Emotional Support and Counselings: GTKH offer counselling services, mental health support, and emotional assistance to individuals and families affected by the disaster. This can help them cope with trauma and rebuild their lives

* Volunteer: GTKH recruit and coordinate volunteers to assist with various tasks such as debris removal, shelter management, and distribution of aid. Volunteers can provide valuable manpower to support the community during difficult times

our vision

Vision: Our vision is to create a vibrant and empowered community that cherishes its diverse cultural identity and embraces its language as a unifying force. Through our initiatives, we aim to foster cultural pride, intergenerational learning, and cross-cultural understanding, ensuring the preservation and growth of our community's unique cultural heritage for generations to come

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Chato Wany


Haval Rehani

Vice President

Asiya Mejit Arif


AWRng A.

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Sulaiman Dlsoz

Board Member

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